Archive Cinema City 2012.

Persona Beach

Genre: Drama
Country: Sweden, Austria
Year: 2011
Duration: 140 min

Director: Georg Tiller
Scenario: Georg Tiller

Cast: Edward Weki, Valériane Placier, Felicia Godman, Manuela Eleonor de Gouveia, Thomas von Kuten, Lars Ludwig Konrad Enström

Programme selection: Educons Hungry Days

sv, en, sr


How is the life of a stone pit worker, a cleaning lady, a middle aged woman and a little girl, all inhabitants of a small and isolated island in the Baltic sea, connected to the imaginary traces of Swedish master director Ingmar Bergman, who was a resident on the very same island for over 30 years? A filmic investigation into the the textures of landscape, circumstances of work and life and a history of cinema.


Diagonale Graz (2011)


Born 1982 in Vienna, Georg Tiller studied Philosophy and Russian. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, at the Slade school of Fine Arts London, at the Film Academy Vienna and at the DFFB. He lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.