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Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers

Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Year: 1994.
Duration: 118 min.

Director: Oliver Stone
Scenario: Quentin Tarantino, David Veloz, Richard Rutowski, Oliver Stone

Cast: Woody Harrleson, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizmore, Rodney Dangerfield, Robert Downey Jr.

Programme selection: Opening / Closing / Special Screening


“Natural Born Killers” stands as a criticism of society misguided by fame and glory, obsessed with crime and media oriented, with media having uncontrollable power. Lead heroes are two victims of traumatic childhoods. They become lovers and serial killers and owing to mass media, they irresponsibly gain huge publicity and become legendary stars of the people. Traveling through New Mexico, Mickey and Mallory stop from time to time, wreaking havoc and committing mass slaughters, not for the money or revenge, but for the kicks. At every scene of the crime they leave one living witness of their psychedelic story. Like modern-day Bonny and Clyde, in an inexplicable way, Mickey and Mallory become heroes of the people.