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My name is Mohammed

My name is Mohammed

Genre: Drama
Country: UK, Iraq, Jordan
Year: 2009
Duration: 8 min.

Director: Sinan Najm Abdullah, Yahya-T-Hassan, Baan-S-Shibab, Rania Okla Yacoub Haddad
Scenario: Ahmed Yaseen Khraibet, Ammar Shaban Joudah, Hasan-F- Ahmed, Haeder-K-Barah, Nadia Mousa Eliewat

Cast: Enhar Al-Sakhri, Leena Al-Sakhri

Programme selection: Spotlight: Mohamed Al- Daradji


A young refugee boy from Iraq, living in Jordan is forced to clean shoes in order to support his widowed mother and little sister.

Nine year old Iraqi refugee Mohamed dreams to be a regular kid – instead he is a reluctant shoecleaner working the busy streets of Amman to support his family and earn enough money to buy his widowed mother's medicine and send his young sister Reem to school.

Mohamed can only dream of school and when his bitterness gets the better of him and Reem runs away, will his childish innocence be enough to save the day.


MY NAME IS MOHAMMED was a collaboration between a group of 13 Iraqi and 11 Jordan student filmmakers made in Amman, over a 3 week period in September 2008. Supported by the Royal Jordan Film Commission and French State Department of Culture, and produced by HUMAN FILM (UK) and IRAQ AL-RAFIDAIN (Iraq) the workshop provided these students the opportunity to specialise their studies in Screenwriting, Production, Directing, Cinematography and Editing, being mentored by award winning-Industry professionals from Europe, America and the Middle East.

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