Archive Cinema City 2010.

Me Too

Yo, tambien

Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Year: 2009
Duration: 103 min.

Director: Antonio Naharro, Alvaro Pastor
Scenario: Antonio Naharro, Alvaro Pastor

Cast: Lola Duenas, Isabel Garcia Lorca, Pablo Pineda, Antonio Naharro, Teresa Arboli, Consuelo Trujillo

Programme selection: Exit Point


Thirty-four-year-old Daniel is the first European with Down syndrome to have graduated from university. He starts a social services job in Seville, where he meets free-spirited co-worker Laura. They become fast friends, drawing the attention of both their coworkers and families. Their unique relationship becomes problematic when Daniel falls in love with her. But these rebellious souls refuse to bend to the rules and they find friendship and love as they have never known.




Alvaro Pastor

Born in Madrid, 1972. He studied screenwriting and filmmaking under Miguel Picazo, and acting under Juan Carlos Corazza and Catalina Lladó. He also studied music at the Madrid Conservatory.

Antonio Naharro

Born in Albacete, Spain, 1968. He studied acting under Juan Carlos Corazza (Madrid) and Bernard Hiller (Los Angeles and Rome), William Layton, John Strasberg, etc. He is also a graduate of the Gestalt Therapy School in Madrid.

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