Archive Cinema City 2015.

Los Hongos

Genre: Drama
Country: Colombia
Year: 2014
Duration: 103'

Director: Oscar Ruiz Navia
Scenario: Oscar Ruiz Navia, Cesar Augusto Acevedo

Cast: Jovan Alexis Marquinez Angulo “Ras” & Calvin Buenaventura Tascón

Programme selection: 360°


During the day Ras is a construction worker. At night after work he tags the walls of his neighborhood east of Cali. Ras can’t sleep and is constantly daydreaming. His mother, Maria, a sweet woman who migrated to the city from the jungle on the Pacific side of Colombia, worries that her son has been bewitched and will end up insane.

One day Ras is fired from his job for stealing several cans of paint, which he is using to create a huge mural on the lot next to his house. Without a dime to help his mother, he searches the city for his best friend Calvin, another young graffiti artist, who studies fine arts but is having difficulty since his parents’ divorce and his grandmother’s recurring cancer.

Like a couple of mushrooms, Ras and Calvin will sprout and wander aimlessly through the city on a journey of no return, infecting the world around them with immense freedom and hope.

Festivals and awards:

Locarno, Toronto, Viennale, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Goteborg, Miami

Original language: Spanish
Subtitle: Serbian, English