Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Fiction
Country: Turkey
Year: 2009
Duration: 71 min

Director: Uygar Asan
Scenario: Uygar Asan


Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 2000


What is it that lautreamont means when writing “and so it continues, for all the hours of eternity”? What is it concerning the “knot” in ece ayhan’s poetry? What is it that goes wrong in that hidden world of families? truly, from where shall a “knot” started to be loosed?


UYGAR ASAN was born in isparta in 1967, studied at mimar sinan fine arts faculty cinema-tv department for two years. between years 1995 and 2002, he worked in various jobs except cinema. during these years he was only interested in literature; published poems and writings. by year 2003 he started to write and direct his own films. Now he lives in istanbul.


1992, 1995: 13 (13 min.) thirteen minutes long experimental short video with the theme “purification” 2003: where is the house of the wind? (16 min.) sixteen minutes long dramatic short video realized in scope of trt 2 “young moviemakers” 2003: perpetuum immobile (8,30 min.) “permanent immobility”, eight minutes long experimental short video named after the composition by the contemporary classical music composer ilhan usmanbaş, with his own appearance. 2003: leap into the void : ilhan usmanbaş (56 min.) fifty seven minutes long documentary about contemporary classical music composer ilhan usmanbaş. documentary was the opening film of the “1st istanbul mediterrenean contemporary music days. 2005: winter garden (84 min.) the first dramatic digital cinema of the director. this film is the first digitally projected cinema in turkey without being transferred to 35 mm.format. 25th istanbul int’ film festival-turkey - 2006 (out of competition) 2007 : shell (100 min.) the second dramatic digital cinema of the director. 19th ankara int’ film festival/national turkish cinema - turkey- 2008 27th istanbul int’ film festival- turkey2008 (out of competition) 49th thessaloniki int’ film festival / balkan survey -tribute to contemporary turkish cinema- greece 2008 2th cinemacity film festival / respect to turkey/ novi sad/ srbija - 2009 2th slow film festival- eger/ hungary-2008 2009: knot (71 min.) the third dramatic digital cinema of the director. 20th ankara int’ film festival / national turkish cinema- turkey 2009 28th istanbul int’ film festival / new turkish cinema- turkey 2009 11th osian’s cinefan film festival / in competition - new delhi/india- 2009 new project: dağınıklar kenti (city of the scattered)

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