Archive Cinema City 2010.

Katalin Varga

Katalin Varga

Genre: Drama/Thriller
Country: Romania, UK
Year: 2009
Duration: 84 min

Director: Peter Strickland
Scenario: Peter Strickland

Cast: Hilda Péter, Norbert Tankó, Tibor Pálfy, Sebastian Marina, Melinda Kántor

Programme selection: Balkan Box


In the beautiful, otherworldly Carpathian Mountains a woman is traveling with a small boy, looking to punish those who once abused her. For years, Katalin has been keeping a terrible secret. She was brutally raped in the woods. Although she has kept silent about what happened, she has not forgotten, and her son Órban serves as a living reminder. When her village discovers her secret, Katalin's husband rejects her. With nothing to lose, she is free to seek revenge on the perpetrators.