Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Fiction
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2009
Duration: 75min

Director: Chris Chong Chan Fui
Scenario: Chris Chong Chan Fui

Cast: Zahiril Adzim, Mislina Mustaffa, Mohammad Hariry, Nadiyatul Nisaa

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks



In a small Malaysian village, Betik returns from Kuala Lumpur. He intends to build up a future back home with his mother and starts helping out in the family’s karaoke bar – a karaoke where the neighbourhood gathers and sings. But nobody is as naïve as he seems. In the innocence of a small village in the estate, subtle manipulations and deceptions seep through.


Chris Chong Chan Fui is a Borneo-Malaysian-born filmmaker and media artist focused on unconventional stories and experimentation between traditional cinema and new media arts. Chris’ latest experimental work Block B won the top short film prize at Argentina’s 2008 Mar del Plata Film Festival and the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival for the second year in a row (2007’s Kolam also picked up the same prize in Toronto). Block B has also been invited to the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Tiger competition and the Berlin Film Festival in 2009. Chris is an Asian Scholarship Foundation (Ford Foundation) fellow, and in 2006, he was invited to Pusan’s Asian Film Academy. His first feature, Karaoke, was invited to Berlin Film Festival’s Script Clinic in 2007 and was selected to participate in the Hong Kong-Asian Film Financing Forum (HAF) in 2008. It was completed in May 2009. The Tour will be his second feature, shot in his hometown of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo-Malaysia. The project was selected for the 2009 edition of Cinemart (Rotterdam Film Festival). Compound, an audio-visual installation in collaboration with Japanese sound artist Yasuhiro Morinaga, will be presented in Toronto and Kuala Lumpur in 2009/10.

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