Archive Cinema City 2012.

I'm a Self-Made Woman

Ja sam svoj život posložila

Genre: Fiction
Country: Croatia
Year: 2012
Duration: 26 min.

Director: Sonja Tarokić
Scenario: Sonja Tarokić

Cast: Marina Redžepović, Karla Brbić, Iva Babić, Raul Brzić

Programme selection: Up to 10,000 Bucks

Budget: 3.130


When dreaming of a soap opera kind of life, it's a sister's job to jump in! Zeljka's younger sister Silvija is begging her to stay at her place, because their mom read her shameless blog...


Gratuated Master of Film, also a student of Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy. Fiction films Red(2009.)Deaf (2010.)Smart Girls( Hana Jušić) You Bitch!(2011.) and I'm a self-made women (2012).