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I Have to Sleep, My Angel

Moram spavat, anđele

Genre: Drama
Country: Croatia
Year: 2007
Duration: 100 min.

Director: Dejan Aćimović
Scenario: Tatjana Aćimović

Cast: Karlo Barbarić, Nataša Dorčić, Goran Grgić, Vera Zima. Miralem Zubčević

Programme selection: Tribute: New Croatian Cinema


The beginning of the 70’s, in the province of ex-Yugoslavia, a nine years old boy seems to live an ordinary life, lives with his parents and his mathers’s parents. His family is made of a number of different attitudes, origines and influences. His father is a Croat, a doctor, his mother a Serb, his grandfather a revolutionnary communist of old times, his grandmother believing in God. Soon after begining, we realize that the relation between his parents is full of misunderstanding and doomed to failure, so the young boy will witness a very complex and unfortunate love story.

Parallely to their „story“, echoes of already started sexual revolution are present in the yugoslav society too, the complexity of the “social order” and small conservative provincial environment makes it specific… Political movements of the 70’s seem to be dangerous for some, specially for the young boy’s best friend’s father who happens to be anti-yugoslav activist.

Further the boy’s parents move away from each other more they realize how none of them did enough effort to keep their love alive…

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