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I can't came back, if I don't go away!

Ne mogu se ni vratiti, ako ne odem!

Genre: Fiction
Country: Serbia, Italy, Belgium
Year: 2008
Duration: 9 min

Director: Gigi Mete, Heron Ferreira
Scenario: Nikola Burić & Yes But Project

Cast: Nikola Burić, Aleksander Oparnica, Ilaria Cecere

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 500


The travel of a letter written by ink and Danube, any train, any traveler. Because sometimes, when ancient chains of war and revenge tighten your hands and feet, it remains nothing left but a letter.


Gigi Mete was born in Naples on 31/01/1980. After a years spending abroad,Belgium (2003), Brazil (2005) and Serbia (2008), he went back to Naples where he currently lives and works as an educator in some Roma communities. In all these places, he did social work, trying to connect it to the audiovisual media, up to the production of this short film.

Heron Ferreira was born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) on 12/08/1974. Currently,lives and works in Brussels, where he also studies cinema for nearly two years. In recent years, alone or with NTZ autoproduction, he produced and created several audiovisual works (fiction and documentaries), always trying to enhance the appearance of individual and social issues (as in documentary “Sans doute fous”, about housing problem in Paris).


Gigi Mete (Naples, Italy, 31.01.1980) and Heron Ferreira (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 12.08.1974) are cofounders of the Não Tem Zoom Autoproduções group, and they work as a director, photographer and audiovisual editor. We have produced three short films: 1.“Le même chapeau que toi” (2006) entered for the “Cine EsquemaNovo2007” festival in Porto Alegre, won the special jury prize. 2. “Ne mogu se ni vratiti, ako ne odem!” (2008), which grew out of a collective intercultural project, is a little look at the Balkans through the lens of a journey and the lack of the right to freedom of movement. We have participated in the following festivals: - Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (14th edition, Skopje, Macedonia) - Valsusa Film Festival 13th edition, Torino, Italia) - Festival du Court Métrage de Bruxelles (12th edition, Bruxelles, Belgique) - Special Jury prize - Napoli Film Festival (11th edition, Napoli, Italia)) - CineEsquemaNovo (2009, Porto Alegre, Brasil) - Itinéraires, Festival du Film Documentaire et de Fiction Latino- Américain (2009, Bruxelles, Belgique) - Festival del cortometraggio " 'o curt" (12th edition, Napoli, Italia) Balkans Beyond Borders Festival (1st edition, Belgrade, Serbia)- 1st prize 3. “Terra Mater Lingua”, a video which forms part of “La prima del film ‘Terra Mater Lingua’” (“The opening night of ‘Terra Mater Lingua’”) a theatre work jointly produced by Serbia and Italy.

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