Archive Cinema City 2010.

Go For It

Hrabro i na rezultat

Genre: Documentary
Country: Croatia
Year: 2009
Duration: 45 min.

Director: Dejan Aćimović

Programme selection: Tribute: New Croatian Cinema


There are 5 800 blind persons living in Croatia today. Petar Bešlić is one of them. Not only that, he is the first Croatian blind athlete. Born blind in one eye, Petar lost the other eye in a terrible accident at the age of fourteen. Ten years later he is at the Paralympics in Bejing, running a 1500 m race, which symbolizes his own life race. Petar and his best friend Tomo, who is also blind, give us through their everyday life story a glimpse of their own world. We see them watching their favourite TV show, playing cards, we listen to what they expect from friendship. Thus we'll be given a very precious opportunity to see through their lost sight and share their doubts and hopes. They will guide us through the world of the blind but also through the place where our own fears of the different squat.


Dejan Aćimović

Born in 1963 in Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduated acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 1986. He played in numerous theatre plays, movies and television series. He also directed two feature films: "Je li jasno, prijatelju" (Is it Clear My Friend) and "Moram spavat’, anđele" (I Have To Sleep, My Angel). "Hrabro i na rezultat" (Go For It!) is his first documentary.