Archive Cinema City 2012.

Ginger – More than a Game

Žućko - Priča o Radivoju Koraću

Genre: Biography
Country: Serbia
Year: 2012
Duration: 85 min

Director: Gordan Matić
Scenario: Gordan Matić

Cast: Slobodan Rica Gordić, Dragutin Miško Čermak, Guiseppe Pino Djerdja, Nikola Plećaš, Vladimir Cvetković, Francesco Varotto, Giusepe Stefanelli, Pedro Ferrandiz, Emilliano Rodriguez, Luiq Clifford

Programme selection: National Class



In late forties a boy grew in Yugoslavia, who twice miraculously escaped death in World War II and whose father was imprisoned in the infamous gulag of Goli Otok. In early fifties a teenager discovered a new game, which just came from the West to the run-down Balkan country. During the sixties, a young man was the best basketball player in the world, the first pop star in communist Yugoslavia, a friend of the Nobel Prize laureate for literature and the owner of the Beatles' first record on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. For Radivoj Korać basketball was means to gain freedom, but through his play an entire nation felt the breath of new life.


Gordan Matić was born in 1971. Kragujevac, Serbia. Graduated at University of CULTURE AND MEDIA. Postgraduate at UNIVERSITY OF ARTS (MA). Working as a director and producer in theatre and television.


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