Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2010
Duration: 84 min

Director: Aleksandar Janković
Scenario: Duško Premović

Cast: Duško Premović, Branko Vidaković, Vladislava Milosavljević, Darja Janošević, Boris Komnenić, Irena Mičijević, Slobodan Ćustić, Rastko Janković, Elizabeta Đorevska, Branko Jerinić, Đorđe Milenković, Rade Nikolić, Marko Vasović, Pavle Jerinić

Programme selection: National Class


Main character is coming back from prison with the desire to build up a normal relationship with his now adult daughter which he did not even seen for the best part of her life.

When he comes home he realizes that his daughter ran away and his wife is cheating on him with his friend who moved in. Armed with sarcasm and bitter sense of humor main character is ignoring the situation and together with them is trying to find the daughter. But she does not want to be found.


Born in 1978. in Belgrade. Graduate at University of Dramatic Arts, department of Film and TV Directing. With his short films he participated at number of film festivals: Sarajevo 2005, Belgrade documentary and short film festival 2006, Golden Knight, Moscow 2006. In Zagreb he directed TV series "Zakon ljubavi", which was shown in whole region. FLASHBACK is his first feature film.