Archive Cinema City 2010.

Electrically Powered Music

Muzika na struju

Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2009.
Duration: 101 min.

Director: Miloš Jovanović

Programme selection: Burn Planet Rock


Documentary "Electrically Powered Music" is a chronological narrative of creation, development and current moment of one of the most successful rock authors, Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga and his band "Instructors", from 1984 to this day. A say on this subject have many celebrities from past and present eras, direct witnesses and participants. Film also has lots of archive material which will be publicly screened for the first time. Film is a chronicle of events which followed creation of one of the most significant author's opus of contemporary music in the ex-YU region. This is a film about the songs which were an intimate diary of all of us who were prisoners of the last 25 tumultuous years in Southeast Europe.