Archive Cinema City 2010.

Edmund in Knezevac

Edmund u Kneževcu

Genre: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Year: 2010
Duration: 22 min

Director: Luka Popadić
Scenario: Luka Popadić

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 500


The Swiss lawyer Edmund Schönenberger who was fighting in Zurich for the freedom of speech and human rights, was disappointed in society and moved to Kneževac in the deepest Serbian countryside to start a new life.


Luka Popadić was born on 29.09.1980 in Baden, Switzerland where he finished high school. He studied political science and history on the University of Zurich. After that he attend officer school in the 41. brigade of the Swiss Army and has made a specialisation as a Language officer and interrogation expert. He worked as a graphic designer and animator in Zurich and Berlin and as an assistent director in Chicago. He shot over 10 short fiction and documentary movies and a couple of tv commercials and music-videos. Ad the moment he is studing film directing in the third year at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade in the class of Srdan Golubović and Darko Bajić.


FILMOGRAPHY (excerpt) I KEVE VOLE FUDBAL / MOMS LOVE FOOTBALL TOO (Short Film, 2006) Starring Lazar Ristovski, produced by Zillion Pictures, Belgrade 2 Min. Mini DV. DHU OS (documentary, 2006) 20 min., Mini DV JEDNA ŽELJA / ONE WISH (Short Film, 2007) Produced by Kvadrat, Belgrade 10min., Mini DV ZIDOVI / WALLS (Short Film, 2008) 6 min, Mini DV MAMAC / THE BAIT (Short Film, 2009) 11 min, HD MASKENBALL / COSTUME PARTY (Short Film, 2009) 9min, HD

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