Archive Cinema City 2010.

Corto Maltese - The Gilded House of Samarkand

Corto Maltese - La maison dorée de Samarkand

Genre: Animation
Country: France
Year: 2004.
Duration: 79 min.

Director: Richard Danto, Liam Saury
Scenario: Henry Colomer, Hugo Pratt

Cast: Richard Berry, Patric Bouchitey, Catherine Jacob

Programme selection: Animatrix


This time Pratt’s favourite discovers, while staying in Adnan, Turkey, a map of the hidden treasure of the ancient Persian king Cyrus. Here again we will see Corto’s on and off friend Rasputin, who Corto, for the purpose of treasure hunt, rescued from prison called “The Gilded House of Samarkand”. During a long and trying journey to riches Corto meets a motley gallery of characters like soldiers of fortune, lost British actors, even his own doppelganger.