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Corto Maltese - Celts

Corto Maltese - Les Celtiques

Genre: Animation
Country: France
Year: 2003.
Duration: 90 min.

Director: Richard Danto, Liam Saury
Scenario: Giorgia Cecere, Jean Pecheux

Cast: Richard Berry, Patrick Bouchitey, Marie Trintignant, Catherine Jacob, Barbara Schultz

Programme selection: Animatrix


In this powerful adventure titled “Celts”, Corto Maltese brings us to the year 1915 to Europe torn with war. In city of romance, Venice, Corto is unable to resist the charms and seduction of a dangerous woman, but that doesn’t stop him from his other intentions. When he exposes a spy network he embarks on a new treasure hunt. In a town of Sette Casoni he will organize a huge treasure theft in Montenegro kingdom, posing as a leader of republicans and adventurers who saw in this hunt potential opportunities for great careers…