Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Animation
Country: Serbia
Year: 2009
Duration: 2 min

Director: Vladimir Pavić
Scenario: Vladimir Pavić

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 0.0001


Plugs are looking for outlets - and vice versa.


Born in Belgrade in 1983. Graduated at Faculty of Dramatic Art (Department for Film and TV camera) in Belgrade. He has worked as a cinematographer on: about 50 short films, promotional videos which were a part of MTV Exit campaign against women trafficking (Belgrade, 2007), three videos as a part of a campaign named Fighting with Character Against Violence in Sport, one of which was completely filmed by him (Belgrade, 2008), a video for the campaign Strength for Patients (Belgrade, 2008), commercial videos for Panonija in Pancevo (Belgrade, 2007), for Puma sneakers (Belgrade, 2007), for Niksicko pivo (Belgrade, 2009), for Samsung TV (Belgrade, 2009), a video for the exhibition Vinca - a Prehistorical Metropolis (Belgrade, 2008), an educational film for the campaign We Change Diabetes (Belgrade, 2009).

He is the author of several video works and short films. With films Trap and A Scene in the Snow, he participated on festivals of students’ films in 2007 and 2008. The film A Scene in the Snow received an award from RLN magazine. The same film is shown at festivals Cinema City (Novi Sad, 2009), 4. FISch (Tolmin, Slovenia, 2009), and Balkan Snapshots (Amsterdam, 2009). He received an award from Kodak for best cinematography in his film Gamer (Producers Day, Belgrade, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, 2006). He was awarded as best cinematographer student in 2006/07 (Vladeta Lukic Award).

Director’s Filmography:

Trap (experimental – documentary film) (Belgrade, 2007), A Scene in the Snow (short movie) (Belgrade, 2008), Connection (short animation/stop motion, Belgrade, 2009), Composite Man (experimental, Belgrade, 2010).

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