Archive Cinema City 2012.

Cloud 9

Wolke 9

Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Germany
Year: 2008
Duration: 98 min.

Director: Andreas Dresen
Scenario: Andreas Dresen, Jörg Hauschild, Laila Stieler, Cooky Ziesche

Cast: Ursula Werner, Horst Rehberg, Horst Westphal, Steffi Kühnert, Werner Schmidt

Programme selection: Respect to Andreas Dresen


She didn't ask for it. It just happened. There were stealing glances, attraction. But this was never supposed to happen. Inge is in her mid-60s. She has been married for 30 years and loves her husband. But Inge is drawn to this older man Karl, already 76. It's passion. It's sex. And she suddenly feels like a young girl  again...


Bavarian Film Award - Best Actress (Ursula Werner), Best Cinematography (Michael Hammon), Un Certain Regard (Andreas Dresen), Geneva Cinéma Tout Ecran - Best Actress (Ursula Werner), German Film Awards - Film Award in Gold (Andreas Dresen, Ursula Werner), Film Award in Bronze (Peter Rommel), Prize Trieste (Andreas Dresen)


Born in 1963. Made his first amateur film in 1979. From 1984 to 1985, sound technician at the Schweriner Theater, then volunteered on films at the DEFA Studios. Assistant director for Gunter Reisch. Studied directing from 1986 to 1991 at the Konrad Wolf Hochschule for Film and Television. Active as a screenwriter and director since 1992, working in the theatre as well as in film and television. Since 1998, Andreas Dresen has been a member of the Academy of the Arts, Berlin/Brandenburg.