Archive Cinema City 2012.



Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2012
Duration: 102 min

Director: Maja Miloš
Scenario: Maja Miloš

Cast: Isidora Simijonović, Vukašin Jasnić, Sanja Mikitišin, Jovo Maksić, Monja Savić, Katarina Pešić, Sonja Janičić, Jovana Stojiljković, Vladimir Gvojić, Nikola Dragutinović, Mihajlo Nikolić

Programme selection: National Class



Jasna is a sixteen year old girl, a high school student. Her father is at an advanced stage of a grave illness. Jasna sees her father completely helpless and losing touch with reality due to strong medications he’s on. She doesn’t want to take part in everyday problems life with a seriously ill man brings about. Jasna is in love with Djole – an eighteen year old boy she goes to school with. She’s shy of showing any kind of affection towards him. In spite of this, they start a relationship in which their only communication is filming themselves during sex. With her friends, Jasna often goes to parties where she has fun, drinks a lot and uses drugs. Jasna is angry with everyone and everything. Still, love and tenderness emerge in a very harsh environment.



Maja Miloš was born in Belgrade, on May 16 1983. She graduated from the Department of Film and Television Directing of the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade in 2008.

During her studies she directed 11 short films and documentaries. Her short films ‘Interval’ and ‘Si tu t’imagines’ were shown at festivals in Serbia, Macedonia, Germany, Holland, Finland….

In 2004, she directed educational programmes for national television RTS. She took part in Talent Campus of the 56th Berlin Festival.

In 2006 she attended the Documentary film school at the Film Faculty in Paris – La Femis, where she attended lectures and made a short documentary. Since 2005 she also works on feature films, as a casting director and assistant director. ‘Clip’ is her first feature film.


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