11/03/2011 03:12

Cinema City Call for Entries in „Up to 10 000 bucks“

Cinema City Festival, which will be held from 18th to 25th June 2011. in Novi Sad, is officially opening call for entries in „Up to 10 000 bucks“ selection on Friday, March 11. This is a competition selection, and it will present films made with a budget of less than 10,000 dollars, with authors who were bold and creative enough to present their ideas through them with limited funds. This call will be open until April 5, and all artists who want to apply can do so by completing the form at the festival’s web page, www.cinemacity.org/do10000/. The film that wins will receive money prize in the amount of 2,000 dollars.

„Up to 10 000 bucks“ selection is one of Cinema’s most attractive selections which, alongside numerous audience, each year discovers new talents and provides them with an opportunity of getting ahead in the film industry. Authors of the chosen films from all over the world will be guests of the festival, and will have the opportunity to meet each other and further educate themselves in the field, through numerous workshops and master classes held by prominent filmmakers. The program selector is Srdjan Koljevic, the director of The Women With the Broken Nose, which won Grand Prix for the best domestic film at last year’s Cinema City Festival. Films applying should not to be older than 2009, and can be of all genres – short films, documentaries, feature films, all are welcome.

„Up to 10 000 bucks“ selection presened authors and films from Serbia, Japan, Greece, Izrael, Lebanon, Germany, America, New Yealand, Georgia. IBIS award for the best film was won by Nikola Ljuca for Thursday.