Archive Cinema City 2010.

China’s Public Enemy No. 1: Rebiya Kadeer’s Battle for the Uyghurs

China’s Public Enemy No. 1: Rebiya Kadeer’s Battle for the Uyghurs

Genre: Documentary
Country: Germany
Year: 2009
Duration: 52 min.

Director: Sylvia Nagel
Scenario: Sylvia Nagel

Programme selection: Democracy: Export/Import


Rebiya Kadeer has paid a heavy price for taking on the Chinese government. She’s been imprisoned and tortured; hounded into exile and forced to watch impotently as her children become the new focus for persecution. Today, two of her sons are in prison in China and another three are detained under house arrest. Still, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee refuses to give up her fight for self-determination for the Uyghurs.

Again and again, Kadeer reminds the Chinese Government that they have illegally occupied her homeland. Like Tibet, the region is autonomous under international law. But since the Chinese invaded in 1949, the Uyghurs have been prevented from economically developing. Their land has been given to Chinese immigrants and Uyghurs are banned from speaking their own language or exercising their own religion: Islam. Since 9/11, the Chinese have sought to brand them Islamic terrorists.

Made for WDR/ARTE, this film tells the moving story of Rebiya Kadeer and her struggle for the Uyghurs.

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