Archive Cinema City 2012.



Genre: Documentary
Country: Poland
Year: 2012
Duration: 19 min.

Director: Tomasz Jeziorski
Scenario: Tomasz Jeziorski

Programme selection: Up to 10,000 Bucks

Budget: 300


For each child holidays are associated with a carefree spare time. But what if there is slack discipline away, and rest is the last thing that you can afford? The film is about a summer camp participants, where the almost military discipline are on the agenda, and crime is the biggest piece of chocolate candy bar. At some point, they're getting tired, discouraged and homesick. Each of them has to deal with those problems differently. But how children should deal with mature problems?


He graduated Culture Studies at University of Warsaw. Subsequently he started studying film directing in National Film School in Lodz. In a last few years he was invited several times to International Summer Program at Watermill Center (Long Island, NY) as a video artist. He works in theatre as a video designer with Robert Wilson ("Life and Death of Marina Abramovic" for Manchester International Festival, "Grace for Grace" for Opera de Monte-Carlo) and Laurent Chetouane ("Das Erdbeben in Chili" for Schauspiel Köln). His own filmography includes documentaries: "Joan" (2009), "Free Flight" (2010), " Camp" (2011), as well as short features: "Brothers" (2005), "Cross-country" (2010), "Mora" (2011) that were selected to many film festivals.