Archive Cinema City 2010.

An Encounter


Genre: Documentary
Country: Croatia
Year: 2009
Duration: 27 min

Director: Igor Bezinović
Scenario: Igor Bezinović

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 500


A very unlikely encounter happened on a holiday in 2009, in Vukovarska Street in Zagreb, when students from Faculty of Philosophy come out to support farmers’ protests in front of the building of Ministry of Agriculture. Euphoric students’ night, sobering farmers’ day, media-aware activism, and heavy machinery on streets, plenary organisation and conflicted agricultural associations - all just a part of opposites in unexpected alliances, which will tell so much about contemporary Croatia. Despite the fact that this event was in all media, this film is the only record of the unusual one-day encounter between students and farmers.


Igor Bezinovic, director (Rijeka, 1983) graduated from Philosophy and Sociology at Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, where he is studying comparative literature at the moment. He also graduated from Film and TV Directing at Academy of Dramatic Arts. He won the Faculty of Philosophy’s Franjo Markovic award. During his studies, he was a professor’s assistant at departments of Philosophy and Comparative literature, and worked for many student’s organisations, associations and magazines. His graduation thesis was called Social Construction of Boredom. He was a jury member at Mediterranean Film Festival in Rome, worked on texts for Subversive FF, he is an associate at Restart organisation, he writes for Croatian Film Magazine. He still works on documentary projects and directs documentary films dedicated to social contrasts (alternative ways of life, individuals without rights, social conflicts).

Director’s Filmography:

Susret (Restart Production (2009), Od prosvjeda do prosvjeda: TDZ (2009), Ciao bambino! (2009), Nepovratno (2009), Natprosječan (2008), Skinsi takav si (2007), Moja nedjeljna jutra (2007).

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