Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Drama
Country: Israel / Germany
Year: 2009
Duration: 120 min.

Director: Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani
Scenario: Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani

Cast: Shahir Kabaha, Ibrahim Frege, Fouad Habash, Youssef Sahwani, Ranin Karim

Programme selection: Exit Point


Ajami is a powerful crime drama set on the streets of Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood – a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views among Jews, Muslims and Christians – and told through the eyes of a cross-section of the city’s inhabitants: a young Israeli (Shahir Kabaha) fighting a criminal vendetta against his family, a Palestinian refugee (Ibrahim Frege) working illegally to finance a life-saving surgery, a Jewish police detective (Eran Naim) obsessed with finding his missing brother, and an affluent Palestinian (Scandar Copti) dreaming of a future with his Jewish girlfriend. As their stories intersect – and the film’s narrative shifts back and forth in time – we witness a dramatic collision of different worlds and the tragic consequences of enemies living as neighbors.




Scandar Copti is a Palestinian citizen of the Israeli state, born (in 1975) and raised in Jaffa.

Yaron Shani, is an Israeli Jew, born in 1973. A graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television.