10/08/2017 04:37

A Peek at the Movies Featured in the Planet Rock Section

Excellent Documentaries about Musicians, Artists and Cultural Movements that Shook the Floor

Planet Rock, a popular festival section which year after year jazzes up the Cinema City International Film Festival with various beats, once again brings a number of compelling music-themed documentaries telling stories about world-wide famous stars, and about the bands and musicians that are considered significant in the national and regional contexts.

This year, as part of the Gradić Fest scheduled for September 1 to 3, Planet Rock will present both the movies that proved a major success at world festivals, and those which have never been screened before.

The two major themes that “One More Time with Feeling”, a film by Andrew Dominik that touched thousands of hearts and souls at numerous film festivals, explores are the making of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ new album “Skeleton Tree”, and the deeply personal tragedy of the legendary Nick Cave. Premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, this black-and-white picture is a testimony of an artist trying to find his way through the darkness.

The film "Gimme Danger" brings together two of world’s most iconic artists – Jim Jarmusch, who directed this documentary, and Iggy Pop, the musician whom many consider to be the founding father of Punk and Alternative Rock. This is a story of Iggy and his band “The Stooges” that rocked the boat by mixing up Rock with bits of Blues, R&B and Jazz, first in Michigan and Detroit, and later on all around the world.

Back from faraway places to the Novi Sad music scene, we bring you Mihajlo Obrenov’s entertaining and witty documentary “Contact”, a testimony of all the subcultural phenomena that emerged in Novi Sad, from punk to skinheads, from turbo-folk culture to hipsters. The film covers the period from 1989 to the present and features confessions of more than 140 interviewees, which makes it a great retrospective of the evolution of Novi Sad art scene.

In cooperation with the French Institute, we present another interesting film “Universal State of Mind”, directed by Angelique Germain. This story, which analyzes the development of Hip-Hop by crosscutting various scenes from Brazil, France, Serbia and Senegal, will wrap up this year's Planet Rock!

See you at the Cinema City International Film Festival’s Gradić Fest!