Universal State of Mind

Universal State of Mind

Genre: Documentary
Country: France
Year: 2015
Duration: 92 min

Director: Angelique Germain
Scenario: Angelique Germain

Cast: SENEGAL: Awadi, Keyti & Xuman, Docta, Fou Malade, Thiat & Kilifeu (Keur Gui), Faada Freddy & Ndongo D (Daara J Family), Mamadou Dramé, Loïc & Bafodé (Village Pilote). SERBIA: Recognize crew, Bege Fank, Grashoper, Marcelo & DJ Raid, Aleksandar Brkic, Soter & Wunste. BRASIL : Avante O Coletivo, Back Spin crew, Bonga, Erick Jay, Paulo Lins, Binho, Sabotinho, Frank Ejara. FRANCE: Solo, Rachid Santaki, Soklak, Shaka, Médine, Disiz, DJ Nelson, Pockemon crew. GERMANY: Storm, Yours.

Programme selection: Planet Rock

Schedule on the Cinema City festival:
Saturday, Sep 2, 2017 @ 23:15 - Beogradska Indoor Cinema


Welcome to the Hip Hop movement ! Serbia, Senegal, Brazil, France: different areas, with their historical, political, social and cultural contexts. Let’s understand how artists and activists live with the same state of mind... 


Hip Hop is a real passion for Angélique Germain, she grew up with this culture and the most important for her is the values delivered by this movement. At university, she made a research about the representations of rap music on the french TV, for a master’s degree in information and communication sciences, specialized in Media and images. During her free time, she created a media online : Hip Open, in 2011. The year after, she created an organization with the same name, for this media and to organize debates, shows, workshops... To explorate more the universe of Hip Hop, she decided to make a documentary about it in different countries. The dream came true with Universal State of Mind