16/03/2009 04:08


Cinema City 09 | Ivan M. Lalić | Artistic director

After closing the last cinema Arena in Novi Sad at the end of 2008, a cute photo showing black humour appeared in the newspapers. In the background of the photo was the entrance of the closed cinema, while in the foreground was the poster of our Cinema City film festival. A cinema-city in a city without a single cinema. Is it possible to do that?

55,000 visitors who came to Cinema City 08 are the proof that in this necrophilic time of Novi Sad's  film scene, Cinema City 09 is in fact the only true sign of film defence in Serbian Athens, a city of long film tradition. Hence our greater responsibility this year. Cinema City 09 definitely cannot be merely a festival which presents and rewards the best films of national and international scene, but a place where critical film-mass gathers in order to establish harmony and meaning of national film industry. By that, I primarily mean solving the two major problems which destroy the film industry. Those problems are existing piracy and non-functional cinema infrastructure.

When all that has been taken into account, regardless of year of recessions, lack of politicians' and trade association's will to legislatively reform the field of film industry by passing a cinematography bill, Cinema City 09 daringly and without making compromises enters the year which doesn't seem optimistic.
Believing that great things and great deeds happen when will, passion and visions are joined together, we will do everything so that Cinema City 09 prevents the fatal destiny of Serbian cinema by offering a wide choice of national and international films and by hosting a great number of distinguished guests from all around the world. Let the year 2009 be the year when we reach bottom. Zero point. From this point, we can only go upwards. Let Exit Point, the main selection of our festival, become the paradigmatic message for Serbian film.

Ivan M. Lalić
Artistic director