31/05/2010 12:18

“Ze Film” – a comedy by French director Guy Jacques

Ze Film” is a comedy by French director and screenwriter Guy Jacques, which will be screened within “Special Screening” programme. Guy Jacques directs films that distinguish themselves by their unusual stories, originally designed characters and quality humor. Our audience remembers Jacques from his supporting role in Goran Paskaljevic’s popular film "Cabaret Balkan". This famous French director and screenwriter will be a member of a jury for competition selection of international programme Exit Point. “Ze Film” also stars one of our most distinguished actors, Miki Manojlovic.

A young Parisian with a symbolic moniker Kubrick dreams of shooting a film together with his two best friends, Karim and Toxic. His dream also entails the screening of the film at Cannes Film Festival, walking down the red carpet with his two friends and winning a prestigious Golden Palm. However, all of them come from French ghettos where opportunities for such an endeavor are scarce. Astonishingly and despite everything, through numerous adventures they’ll be able to make that dream come true in the true sense of the word.

When Karim takes a girl on a date, Toxic decides to lend him his apartment and sacrifices in a comradely manner by sleeping on a bench in city park. Next morning he wakes up and realizes that the whole area is being set for film shooting. The man from the film crew approaches him and, mistaking him for a driver, gives him the keys to the truck that holds film equipment. Toxic sees this as a singular opportunity and drives the truck back to Kubrick. Through numerous comical situations they embark on realization of their dream project.