24/05/2008 16:49

Zadah tela (Body Scent) in Retrospective of a Domestic Author Selection

SFRJ, 1983, 99 min
: Živojin Pavlović
Cast: Dušan Janićijević, Ivo Ban, Janez Vrhovec, Ljiljana Međeši, Ljiljana Šljapić, Metka Franko, Rade Šerbedžija, Zijah Sokolović
Awards: Great Golden Arena and Golden Arena for direction and screenplay in Pula, 1983.
Selection: Retrospective of a Domestic Author

With a big hit from 1983, Zadah tela (Body Scent), made after his own novel with the same name, Živojin Pavlović finally showed to all of remaining unbelievers how much quality, both as a director and writer, he possessed. The crown of a magnificent career came at the right moment, with a hat-trick in Pula Festival - with Golden Arenas for best movie, screenplay, and direction.

A true social drama full of typical Pavlović’s naturalism follows the life of a semi-literate train driver, forced to be a nomad, who is not interesting to anybody anymore, and who feels the end of everyday suffering, a real passion and a short break only in the moments of complete submitting to the cruel inn’s delirium. His usual life form, “job-family” suddenly begins to change, but for worse, in the direction of a complete failure. He leaves home and goes to another city, where he meets another woman and new problems that bother him as much as the old ones did. He regrets and tries to make things better, at least the things still possible to make better, so he, trying to adjust to the common moral values, tries to save his family and to show his sons the right way. However, he is in a situation with no way out, so he chooses the only way to purify himself – suffering.