15/05/2008 18:16

World Popularity of New Latino Film


Lessening in intensity of American independent film and a certain monotony of European cinematography in the last years of the past century have opened a space for discovering new phenomena, so called, small cinematographies.

Festival audiences and critics were witnesses of explosions of young authors’ talents from countries such as Denmark, Korea, Thailand, Romania, and Mexico.

Although Alfonso Kuaron, one of three great names of contemporary Mexican film, has built a parallel career in Hollywood, his low-budget Y tu mamá también affirmed the simultaneous international break though of this cinematography, with help of his famous countrymen Karlos Rejgadas, Alehandro Gonzales Inaritu and Giljermo Del Toro.

Argentine cinematography which had disappeared from sight after great political movies of the 80s, resurrected with movies such as La Marea, Corderro del Dios, while Brazilian director Fernando Mereljes became famous worldwide with a movie called Cidade de Deus, and he opens this year’s Cannes Film Festival with a movie called Blindness, made according to the novel by Hose Saramago.

For those who fell asleep in front of TV screens, boring reruns, and bad commercial movies, Cinema City presents the selection of best new South-American movies, the most interesting cinematographies in the world.

From exciting thrillers, through personal drama filled with strong emotions, to transcendental psychological fantasies, the New Latino Film Selection offers program suitable even for the pickiest visitors of the festival.

Exciting, passionate, hot, magical, are some of the words that describe the program of New Latino Film Selection.