29/05/2014 06:14

What can we expect at this year’s Up to 10,000 bucks programme?

This year the competition selection Up to 10,000 bucks will continue to present amazing film accomplishments shot with a budget of less than 10,000$. The films were chosen by Srdan Golubović, last year’s winner of the award for best film.

During six days, this selection will screen films in 90-minute blocks, and you will also get a chance to meet the authors, who despite having low budget managed to transform their creativity into a film expression and make a lasting impression on their audience.

A total of 32 titles were chosen. The films vary in genre – live action, documentary, animated, experimental, etc. “The common denominator for all these different genre films is rebellion. Rebelion of an individual against the system, rebellion of the oppressed and the impoverished, rebellion against bureaucracy and its absurdity, rebellion against wanton neoliberal slavery, rebelion of a common man for whom freedom means the ability to feed his own family” said Srdan Golubović about this year’s selection.

The premiere screening will include four films – Emergency Exit, How I Quit Drinking and Became a Mother, Don’t Rush and Our Skin Is Going to Gray. Four films will have their international premieres I Hate You (Croatia), Stray Dogs (India), When We Talked about the Triangle (USA) and The Machineries of Joy (Russia), while 11 films will have their national premiere.

Some of the films you will see this year have already won awards at notable film festivals. Ivan Sikavica’s Babysitter won the awards for best screenplay, best cinematography, and best actor at F.R.K.A. festival in Zagreb, while Hungarian film Sunday Lunch won the Special Award at Faludi festival in Budapest.

The audience will also get a chance to see award-winning Iranian film More Than Two Hours, which was nominated for the Golden Palm in the short film category, and also won awards at CortoDino, Indianapolis, Rhode Island, Evora, etc. The audience at Cannes had the chance to see two more films from this selection, Ukrainian The Subscriber, which was screened at the Short Film Corner selection, and domestic film signed by Stefan Ivančić, Moonless Summer, which was screened as part of the Cinefondation selection.