19/06/2008 16:27

Wednesday with Cinema City

Yesterday, Novi Sad was again in the sign of Cinema City happenings. Regardless of the bad weather, the cinemas were full. The spectators of The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela were amazed with the unusual events and destiny of a transsexual called Raquela, and Shangai Trance managed to bring us closer, as we learned from the viewer, to a world culturally completely different from ours. Wiping the seats because of the rain, spectators filled the cinema in Dunavski Park during the rerun of animated film Sita Sings the Blues.

At Katolicka Porta, the attention was drawn by Alive and Dead by Kristijan Milic, then a music portrait of Patti Smith in Dream of Life.

A special, and it seems, favorite attraction of numerous visitors were shown horrors. During Hitchcock’s Birds, the big hall of the Youth Theatre was full, and new visitors that were coming during the projection were taking improvised seats on the hall stairs, while the dark of Dunavski Park and the sounds of the film that echoed across the open space made a perfect atmosphere for watching another horror classic from the late 1922, Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens.

Join us again during today projections, have fun in the music program that begins tonight in the garden of Gusan Pub and Laze Teleckog Street, and become a part of excellent atmosphere of Cinema City Festival.