21/08/2013 06:19

We present to you: Beldocs @ Cinema City

“After seeing a good documentary, a viewer feels richer, honored and refreshed. Like meeting some interesting to talk to. A moment of purpose at a time when they all but taxed it, if in the meantime they don’t submit it a letter of notice, with a miserable severance pay” – Mladen Vušurović, director of Beldocs festival. “

This year at the Cinema City festival, the visitors will get a chance to see some of the best films screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs:

Hear about Anwar, former ticket scalper who became the leader of a death squad. But he does not want a documentary about himself. Absurdly, he wants him and his blood thirsty gang to star in the films that they loved since the days when they were scalping tickets in film theatres – gangsters, westerns, musicals.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

This is a story about famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei – about his fight against censorship and aggressive position of the Chinese government regarding his work and himself. This award-winning documentary is recognition of art that negates limitations and norms, and instead puts trust into the freedom of creativity and creative expression.

The Gatekeepers

A controversial story about six former bosses of Israeli secret service agency, the Shin Bet, who decided to disclose for the first time the particulars of their activities and decisions.

Dragan Wende – West Berlin

A bizarre and tragicomic world of Yugoslav emigrants, prostitutes, failed millionaires and transition losers, in a city and time still divided between East and West.

Elena, a young Brazilian woman, travels to New York to chase the same dream her mother had, to become a film actress. She leaves behind the childhood spent in hiding in the years of military dictatorship. She also leaves behind her seven year old sister Petra, who soon embarks on her own journey, searching for her sister and her life’s dream.

The Machine That Makes Everything Disappear

A film about how beautiful life can be and how difficult when you dream of being a hero. Are the protagonists of this film running from reality or facing it head-on. Some are old, some are young, but they are all united in the poetry of searching.


An existential allegory about the last leaf players and the autumns of our lives.