08/06/2008 12:22

Vital in The Best of Horror Selection

Japan, 2004, 86 min
: Shinya Tsukamoto
Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Nami Tsukamoto, Kiki, Kazuyoshi Kushida, Lily, Hana Kino, Go Riju, Jun Kunimura, Ittoku Kishibe
Awards: Silver Raven, Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, 2005, Orient Express Secion Special Jury Award, Fantasporto 2005, New Visions Award, Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival, 2004, Festival Prize, Yokohama Film Festival, 2006; nominations: Best Film, Mar del Plata Film Festival, 2005.
Selection: The Best of Horor

An awarded horror by Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto, called Vital, is going to be shown to the festival audience in The Best of Horror Selection.

Tsukamoto’s unconventional and original style contributed to the great success of yet another of his film creations. It is a superbly made horror with unusually dealt elements of a love story.

After a fatal car accident when his girlfriend dies, Hiroshi Takagi suffers from complete amnesia. Once, after the accident, he browses a medical book where surgeries draw his attention. After that, with his parents’ support, he decides to enroll the medical faculty. During practice classes, he participates with a group of students in an autopsy of a young woman. Cutting the human body begins to restore his memory. During the practice, Hiroshi gradually starts to remember the accident. Not long after that, he notices a familiar tattoo on the arm of the treated corpse, and realizes that they are treating the dead body of his girlfriend. This extreme and unusual case awakens a maniac and obsessive need for further examinations of the inside parts of the human body…