07/04/2010 15:14

Up to 10.000 bucks

According to chief coordinator for Up to 10.000 bucks programme, Dina Vuković, open competition for said selection is successfully closed.

Over one hundred films applied for this selection, from all over the world (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Finland, France, Croatia, Germany, Malaysia, Hungary, USA, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, Uruguay).

Response was exceptionally good, especially considering ongoing economic crisis of the past two years and the fact that one of conditions for applying was production timeframe, stating that only films not older than 2008 may apply. The reason for such a good response were, as seen by coordinator Vuković, authors’ creativity and skills to, despite circumstances, manage to realize their ideas in full.

Films were passed over to programme selector, Vladimir Perišić, with full confidence that this year will also provide us with a rich and original programme in Up to 10.000 bucks selection.

Films screened within Up to 10.000 bucks will not receive screening fee.