10/06/2010 10:17

Up to 10.000 bucks programme a success

Yesterday and day before yesterday audience had a chance to participate in Q&A with the authors of projected films. This innovation within Up to 10.000 bucks proved to be a success and a step in the right directon since organizers’ desire was exactly that, interactive connection between audience and film makers. Frequently asked questions were regarded inspiration, i.e. source of film ideas, working with young actors, choosing a lead hero in a documentary or technical questions regarding principal photography.

Talking with authors, Dina Vukovic, programme coordinator, asked each of the authors a question whether they would change something in their film if it weren’t for budget limitation, all of them replying the wouldn’t no matter what the situation was.

Don’t miss tonite’s Up to 10.000 bucks selection, starting at 21:00h at Youth Theatre’s Small Hall: Gigi Mete’s and Heron Ferreira’s “I can't come back, if I don't go away!”, Marko Kacanski’s “Beautiful Young Unemployed” and Rodrigo Lappado’s & Germán Luongoo’s “Plancha”. Beginning at three o’clock at Atina meeting Point you can participate in “Cinema City Café” with authors of Up to 10.000 bucks selection.