30/03/2011 09:59

Up to 10.000 bucks: 30 applied and counting

It’s been two weeks since the call for Up to 10.000 bucks was opened. To our great delight, already 30 films applied, from all around the world. Films arrived from Hungary, Germany, Estonia, India, Lebanon, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia etc. The call is open until April 5. Those who wish to apply can do so by filling out the online form at www.cinemacity.org/do10000/.

Up to 10.000 bucks competition selection screens low-budget films, produced with less than 10.000 dollars. It introduces the authors who were creative enough to succeed in producing quality films. The winner of this selection will also receive the money prize in the amount of 2.000 dollars. This year’s selector is Srdjan Koljevic. His film “The Woman with a Broken Nose” won Grand Prix at Cinema City 2010 within National Class competition selection.

In 2009 selector for Up to 10.000 bucks was our director Dejan Zecevic. When asked to comment on the importance of creativity vs. finances, he said:

Both are important, but creativity is more important. So, my message is: SHOOT!

When applying keep in mind that the films cannot be older than 2009. As for the genre; short, documentary, animated, feature… all are welcome.