19/05/2008 04:18

Two Iraqi Movies in Democracy Export-Import Selection

Iraq/Great Britain/Holland
Direction: Mohamed Al Daradji
Genre: drama, politics
War, Love, God & Madness
Iraq/Holland/Palestine/Sweden, 2008, 72 min
Direction: Mohamed Al Daradji
Genre: documentary

Two movies by Iraqi director Mohamed Al Daradji are going to be shown in Democracy Export-Import Selection. This film creator of younger generation has always believed that art can win tragedy. This attitude was seriously tested when, in 2003, he left his studies in London and returned to his homeland to film the war as it was happening. It was his dream come true, to make a movie in the country where only four cinemas were open at the time.

The adventure reached massive proportions, having in mind the fact that it was recorded on the streets of Baghdad, where bombs and bullets flew all over the place. A part of the crew was even kidnapped, and a cameraman was shot in his leg. However, Mohamed finished his story, calling it Dream, of course, and presented his country with it in Golden Globe, and in the competition for an Oscar for best foreign film in 2006, as well as in numerous festivals worldwide. From the documentary elements made during the filming, he directed another movie, a documentary called War, Love, God & Madness, also in Arabic, in which, it should be mentioned, first three words of the title are spelled in an incredibly similar way.