24/06/2014 10:53

Tuesday at the Cinema City festival

The third day of Cinema City will begin at 15h, at Arena Cineplex, Hall 5. For this time slot we have reserved Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unique biographical project titled “The Dance of Reality”, after which you can see Cristoffer Boe’s “Sex, Drugs and Taxation”, which will confirm the original concept of 3600 selection.

At 20h come to see Slobodan Skerlić’s “So Hot Was the Cannon” from the National Class selection. This film explores the life of a boy in besieged Sarajevo at the beginning of the 90s. At 22:30h check out “Military Academy 2”. This sequel continues the story of the class of cadets, whose adventures won the hearts of millions.

At the same location, but at Hall 2, starting at 15:15h, see “Miracle” from the Fresh Danube Films selection, and at 18h stay for Branko Baletić’s cult comedy classic “Balkan Express”. At 20:30h check out “Velvet Terrorists”. Three men who planned anti-regime terrorist attacks in Czechoslovakia during the 80’s are the heroes of this peculiar film, which speaks of a fine line between defence and attack, courage and chance, fantasy and reality, with love painting the background for this entire story. Another film from the Fresh Danube Films selection will be screened at this location. At 22:45h see what will happen when two completely different brothers share a love interest in “High Performance”.

At Arena Cineplex, Hall 1, starting at 21h you can see the award-winning Academy Award nominee “Footnote”. Using comic elements, “Footnote” plays with the interpretation of a complex father-son relationship, where both are eccentric university professors, which additionally complicates the already complicated relationship.

The Academy Award-winner “Searching for Sugar Man”, which was directed by the recently departed Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul, will be screened at 14h at the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina. At that same location at 16h you can see “Inertia of the Past” from [email protected] selection. This film will take us back to 1941, when the citizens of Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Skoplje went out to the streets and clearly expressed their position regarding the collaboration with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. If you like low budget films come to this location at 18h, when we will screen another batch of Up to 10,000 Bucks films: Stray Dogs, Baits and Hooks, I Hate You, Studies on Hysteria, How I Quit Drinking and Became a Mother. At 21h we will screen “Death Metal Angola” from Planet Rock selection. This crazy adventure will be led by a spectacular duo adamant in creating a spectacular concert in Angola.

We are proud to present thesis films of young authors Goran Stanković, Gala Goliani and Saša Numić who, in addition to their undeniable talent, show tremendous skill in handling the craft of directing, and can be used as role models for the up-and-coming film authors from this region. Last years these young filmmakers successfully graduated from the American Film Institute, which stands for one of the most prestigious schools in the world, considered by many as a stepping-stone on the road to Hollywood. Starting at 21h, at Amstel Open Air you can see their films “Way in Rye”, “Scaremonger”, and “Red Rider”. At this same location at 23h you can see Takashi Miike’s fenomenal “The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji”.

At Nestea Open Air at 21h see the repeat screening of “The Undertaker”, and at 23h “Cutie and the Boxer”. A reflection on love, sacrifice, and the creative spirit, this candid New York story explores the chaotic 40-year marriage of renowned “boxing” painter Ushio Shinohara and his artist wife, Noriko.

Unusual, original and award-winning films from CC Shorts selection can be seen at the gallery of the Museum of Modern Art of Vojvodina, starting at 18h.