09/06/2010 10:34

Today’s Exit Point premieres

Starting at 21:15 at Katolicka porta open-air cinema audience will be able to see a premiere of “Applause” from Exit Point selection. Danish film “Applause” by Martin Pieter Zandvliet deals with subjects of alcohol and actor (in this case actress), life’s reality and actor’s fantasy, says Dubravka Lakic, programme selector. A brilliant Danish diva Paprika Steen plays a lead role and many say she delivered a role of a lifetime. To the ceremonious atmosphere of the premiere will certainly contribute the appearance of one of the actresses from “Applause”, Sara-Marie Maltha who will greet the audience and stay for Q&A after the screening.

After “Applause” another premiere starts at 23:15h. The film in question is “Road, Film” for which audience of the festival expressed great interest. Lead hero is Vishnu, a young man yearning to be free to travel and escape family business. An old truck comes as a means of escaping from a hopeless situation. He embarks on a journey across the desert to the sea. Crossing the rough terrain he realizes he’s not driving just and old, battered truck, but an old touring cinema. On the road he picks up three peculiar travelers and together with them goes in search of water and carnival. Their journey becomes perilous when several corrupted and notorious bad guys intercept them. The key to their freedom is an eccentric collection of old films and two very old film projectors situated in the back of the truck. A “1001 Nights” situation unravels as they’re forced to screen films with their lives depending solely on whether their captors like them or not, in which case their predicament becomes even more serious.