19/06/2008 16:25

Today in the Festival

On Thursday, June the 19th, at Serbian National Theatre, the crews of domestic films Na lepom plavom Dunavu (On Beautiful Blue Danube) and ?etvrti ?ovek (The Forth Man) are going to introduce themselves. At Katolicka Porta, long expected premiere of I’m Not There is to take place. In the film, seven actors play Bob Dylan. In Dunavski Park, the audience is going to meet the intimate portrait of Patty Smith, directed by Steven Sebring. Music films are going to show us on the big screen the happiest time of Yugoslav music scene of the eighties in A Happy Child by Igor Mirkovic, and after that, a dark and astonishing portrait of Ian Curtis, Control, directed by Anton Corbij follows.

On the same day, in academic program at 12 o’clock, at the Youth Theatre, Dejan Ze?evi?, Darko Baji?, Aleksandar Kosti?, Kristijan Mili? and Sr?an Vuleti? are going to talk about New Balkan Film, and at 13:00, PFI Studio is going to present its projects.