10/06/2010 08:33

Today at 17:00h Forum theatre play “Stop”

UNICEF and Cinema City invite visitors to help promoting “School Without Violence” progamme in Serbia

On June 10, at 17:00h, visitors will have an opportunity to participate in Forum theatre play “Stop” which is one of the results, but also one of programme’s methods of preventing violence.

We are inviting all the visitors of the Festival to donate, when purchasing tickets, 50 dinars and therefore participate in collecting funds for expanding “School Without Violence” programme. The School Without Violence programme was launched by UNICEF with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Council for Child Rights and the Institute for Development of Education, while the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia came on board in 2008. From last year, high schools in Vojvodine joined this programme in cooperation with Provincial Secretariat for Education.

Programme “School Without Violence” is financed through the support of the local community, individual donations and sponsorship from the private and public sector. Cinema City Festival will try to, through its visitors, collect funds for including Chemical Medical School from Vrsac in this programme.

Visitors who donate 50 dinars when buying tickets will with their festival ticked receive UNICEF stamp and help in realizing this programme which is right now being conducted in 188 elementary schools and 9 high schools across Serbia. During the day, youngsters from Novi Sad will have a chance to sign up as volunteers in “School Without Violence” programme and contribute to these efforts.

A research on types and intensity of violence was conducted in all schools which have enrolled in the programme so far. Research on 27.000 students and 3.400 adults from 50 schools indicated that 65% of the students were at least once and 24% were more than once exposed to some form of violent behavior in a three-month period. The most frequent forms of violent behavior are verbal violence, gossiping and scheming, then threats and intimidations. Let us change that!