01/07/2015 16:42

Thursday at Cinema City

Film adventures on the fourth day of the festival will start at 15:30, in SKCNS Fabrika with a repeat screening of an exciting Danish drama “Limbo”, signed by Anna Sofie Hartmann, guest of this year’s festival. At this same location, at 18h, you can see Ivan Jović’s “The Healing” from the National Class selection. We will continue down the road of nacional cinema, and at 20h screen Ivan Ikić’s award-winning film “Barbarians”. The story of great strides of national cinema will wrap up with Tamara Drakulić’s “Ocean”, a contemplative film diary, sailing across the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean, and touching the subjects of communication, death, friendship, and intimacy.

In Quarter Indoor Cinema don’t miss the repeat screening of a truly great Romanian film “Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter” at 15:30h. Another block of Up to 10,000 films is planned for this location from 18h: My soul hurts tonight, Evening with radio (#5. Musical diary), The Last Act, Within, With many things to come, and Devil in Miss Jones, who will entertain us until 20h, when it is time for documentary feature “Felvidek: Caught in between”, which uses oral history, archival recordings, and animation to address a sensitive subject: forced relocation of ethnic Hungarians in post-war Czechoslovakia. Those who love horror genre and have missed the last night’s screening of Austrian horror film “Goodnight Mommy” should come to Quarter Indoor Cinema at 22h. This suspensful horror is a must-see this year.

Columbian film “Los Hongos” will screen in the Amstel Open Air cinema in Limanski Park at 20:45h. It will take you down the streets of Cali, graffiti art, fight for freedom, hope, great music, daydreaming, and some superb skate rides. Irish comedy “You’re Ugly Too”, which will screen at 23:00h, will perfectly conclude the fourth day of the festival.

The Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema is packed every night, which just goes to prove our dedication to music and the artists who make it. Tonight, at 21h, you can see Brankica Drašković’s “Masks”, about Slobodan Tišma, our great artist, musician, and writer. This film will be followed by an explosive performance of ISKAZ.

Saša Radojević’s “Marked” will screen at 22h in the wonderful ambience of Firchie Think Tank Studio.

SKCNS Brod Teatar will start today’s repertoir with the repeat screening of “The Healing” at 21h, followed by our choice selection from Up to 10,000 bucks programme: No Free Lunch, Seesaw, Another Moonscape, Better Place Awaits, Good Neighbour, and IT Girl.

Have fun and enjoy the films and concerts we have prepared for the fourth day of Cinema City!