18/06/2008 15:40

Through Cinema City Tuesday

Visiting film projections, we noticed that special attention of the visitors was directed to another great success of Animatrix Selection. It was the projection of Persepolis, an excellent and many times awarded animated film, directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjana Satrapi. The film caused strong reaction of the visitors expressed through the applause of respect, while the comments of the present, in addition to answering which film is next on their must see lists, were expressed in pure superlatives.

Norwegian black humor in The Art of Negative Thinking was widely accepted by the Serbian National Theatre audience. The film managed to laugh us, and at the same time, to make us think deeply. If you did not see it yesterday, do not miss a chance to see the rerun, tomorrow, on the 19th of June, at 23:15 in Katolicka Porta.

The delight in Scandinavian film creations did not stop there because the festival audience had an opportunity to see quite an unusual horror called Låt den rätte komma in by Sweden director Tomas Alfredson, and to enjoy lovely winter landscapes of Sweden, and interesting and original love story between a boy and a girl who turns out to be a blood-thirsty vampire. To the mentioned must see list, add the 20th of June, 21:15, in Katolicka Porta – the rerun time of this Swedish creation of magnificent photography.

Numerous cinema visitors in Dunavski Park favourably responded to a Columbian film by Carlos Morena, called Perro Come Perro. It was full of energy and adrenaline excitement. A story of criminal elements, mixed with powerful weapon of black magic as a means of revenge, showed us a complicated world of Columbian criminal where unwritten, canonized rules exist.

With recommendations of numerous visitors, join us, and enjoy the film program of Cinema City, International Film and New Media Festival!