14/05/2014 10:36

Thirty-two films chosen for Up to 10,000 bucks programme

After carefully reviewing over 200 films, director and producer Srdan Golubović chose 32 films for this year’s Up to 10,000 bucks programme.

The chosen films vary in genre – fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, each one revealing original and daring expressions of these authors. “The common denominator for all these different genre films is rebellion. Rebelion of an individual against the system, rebellion of the oppressed and the impoverished, rebellion against bureaucracy and its absurdity, rebellion against wanton neoliberal slavery, rebellion of a common man for whom freedom means the ability to feed his own family” said this year’s selector.

Despite low budget, these authors managed to employ their creativity, and express themselves through the language of the film, leaving a mark on all those who had seen these accomplishments.

As is tradition, the position of the selector for this programme is left to the winner of the Grand Prix for best domestic feature from the previous year, which means that this year’s selector is Srdan Golubović, director of last year’s winner film “Circles“.

We hereby wish to thank all the authors, production companies and schools which submitted their films, and to congratulate authors of chosen films.

Below is the list of films that will be screened at Cinema City 2014. Rest assured, they will certainly leave a lasting impression on you:

30 minutes par jour/ 30 minutes
by day, Samuel Lampaert, 5.35', Belgium, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $2000

Kako sam prestala da pijem i postala majka/ How I Quit Drinking and Became a Mother, Marina Radmilac, 30', Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $3000

Bunda Pandeiro/ Tambourine buttocks, Carlo Sampietro, 2.07', Brazil, 2012, Experimental, Film budget: $8600

Mrzim te/ I Hate You, Lana Kosovac, 23', Croatia, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $2.000

Babysitter/ Babysitter, Ivan Sikavica, 23.54', Croatia, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $1.000"

Studies on Hysteria/ Studies on Hysteria, Gabriel Borgetto, Bernd Faaß, Matthias Bäueler, 8', Germany, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $4000

Vasárnapi ebéd/ Sunday Lunch, Dorottya Zurbó, 21', Hungary, 2013, Documentary, Film budget: $4000

Stray Dogs, Atanu Mukherjee, 15’, India, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $400

Marsiyei Baraye Shab/ Requiem for a Night, Yousef Kargar, 12’, Iran, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $1000

Bishtar Az Do Saat/ More Than Two Hours, Ali Asgari, 15’, Iran, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $4000

Život je/ Life is, Vladimir Perović, 25’, Montenegro, 2013, Documentary, Film budget : $9000

Механизмы радости/ The Machineries of Joy, Maria Polyakova, 11’, Russia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $4500

Klasići/ Classmates, Milan Smiljanić, 29’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $1000

Goran, Roberto Santaguida, 10’, Serbia, 2104, Fiction, Film budget: $1000

Kratka je noć/ The Night Is Too Short, Isidora Veselinović, 12’, Serbia, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $500

Koža će nam postati siva/ Our Skin Is Going To Gray, Ivan Bakrač, 12.3’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $50

Sumnje i tajne/ Secrets and doubts, Zelimir Gvardiol, 14’, Serbia, 2012, Documentary, Film budget: $1100

Zima/ Winter, Bojana Starčević, 15’, Serbia, 2012, Fiction, Film budget: $9000

Leto bez meseca/ Moonless Summer, Stefan Ivancic, 31’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $1000

1973, Stefan Ivancic, 33’, Serbia, 2014, Documentary, Film budget: $50

Mamci i Udice/ Baits and Hooks, Luka Popadic, 9’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $500

Sky Lines, Nadine Poulain, 10, Serbia, 2013’, Experimental, Film budget: $2000

Cost-Benefit-Love, Igor Simić, 9.5’, Serbia, 2014, Experimental, Film budget: $2700

Beograd - život ili smrt/ Belgrade - life or death, Bojana S. Knežević, 35.3’, Serbia, 2014, Documentary, Film budget: $150

I kako si, deda, šta se radi?/ How's it going, grandpa, Goran Nikolić, 13’, Serbia, 2013, Documentary, Film budget: $100

Ovih dana/ These Days, Nenad Tesla, 37’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $1500

Izlaz u slučaju opasnosti/ Emergency exit, Vladimir Tagić, 15’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $9.052,00

Nemoj da žuriš/ Don't rush, Katarina Mutić, 11’, Serbia, 2014, Fiction, Film budget: $350

My grandpa's garden, Ognjen Isailović     12.3’, Switzerland, 2012, Documentary, Film budget: $5000

Abonent/ The Subsciber, Maryna Artemenko, Oksana Artemenko, 9.39’, Ukraine, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $300

When We Talked About the Triangle, Milan Roganovic, 11.14’, USA, 2013, Fiction, Film budget: $3000"

Obican dan/ Reguar day, Vuk Palibrk, 5.5’, Serbia, 2013, Animation, Film budget: $1106