24/05/2008 17:01

The Winner of Sundance Festival in Cinema City


American director Lance Hammer, the winner of this year’s Sundance Festival, is going to be a guest of Cinema City Festival. In Exit Point competition selection, Hammer is going to show his debut movie called Ballast, where he appears as a director, screenplay writer, and editor.

Through his movie, Lance Hammer, in the role of director for the first time, managed to show an authentic expression with the sense for depicting human relationships, as well as the powerful vision of social-real, so the movie was in the competition for "Golden Bear" in Berlin after Sundance.

Being an architect who worked on special effects for movies Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever, he presented his idea for Ballast in Berlin Talent Campus in 2004. His nomination for the main prize, four years later, was accepted with great delight.

Through every segment of the movie, Ballast speaks thoughtfully, artistically, and prudently about people who are overwhelmed by difficult emotional experiences and specific local atmosphere. Exquisite acting performances in the movie are a result of cooperation with local nonprofessional actors, the people from Mississippi Delta county, where the movie takes place.