27/05/2008 12:46

The War Tapes and Bad Woodoo’s War in Democracy Export-Import Selection

The War Tapes
USA, 2006, 97 min
Direction: Deborah Scranton
Cast: Zack Bazzi, Duncan Domey, Ben Flanders, Mike Moriarty, Steve Pink, Brandon Wilkins
Awards: best documentary, Tribeca Film Festival, 2006, best documentary, BritDoc Festival, 2006; nominations: Sattelite Award, Sattelite Awards, 2006.
Bad Woodoo’s War
USA, 2008, 60 min
Direction: Deborah Scranton
Cast: Will Lyman (narrator)

Two documentaries directed by Deborah Scranton, The War Tapes and Bad Woodoo’s War are going to be shown to the audience of the festival in Democracy Export-Import Selection. The debut documentary by Scranton called The War Tapes won a prize in the category of best documentary in International Documentary Feature Competition in New York, in Tribeca Film Festival, 2006. Apart from this movie, Bad Woodoo’s War, the author’s documentary from 2008 is also going to be shown.

Ever since Homer’s time, writers have been trying to find a right way of narration for describing warfare. According to the recordings of the two documentaries, the best, that is, the most reliable descriptions of war are those told by the very participants.

Using the recordings made by three members of the National Guard who served in Iraq, Deborah Scranton created The War Tapes – extraordinary, authentic, and a bit strange war documentary with humor elements. The movie shows personal experiences of three participants of the war, two lieutenants, Steve Pink, Zack Bazzi, and a special force member Mike Moriarty, their most intimate emotional conditions and thoughts (from their personal attitudes to the media representations of "Iraqi Freedom" operation, to the true nostalgia for their homes and families who are waiting for them). Showing them caught between soldier courage and moral on one side, and war hypocrisy on the other, these three soldiers allow a complete insight into their lives, which can simultaneously be beautiful, interesting, but shocking as well. The War Tapes represents an extraordinary, interesting, and above all, very objective image of the lives of American soldiers in Iraq.

Newest film documentary by Scranton is The Bad Woodoo’s War. The movie also shows war situations in Iraq – following “Bad Woodoo” platoon in June, 2007, during a war operation in Iraq. Thanks to cameras that the platoon members carried, actions were recorded live, daily military duties and tasks are shown, as well as their brotherly relationship, but also their fear and overwhelmness by the war.

Deborah Scranton started her career working on television. She studied at Brown University. She grew up on a farm in the mountains of New Hampshire, in a town where her family had lived for nine generations. She has been a lecturer at many prestigious universities and institutions. Her works have been published by New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The International Herald Tribune.