Archive Cinema City 2014.

The Undertaker


Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia/Germany
Year: 2013
Duration: 52 min

Director: Dragan Nikolic
Scenario: Dragan Nikolic and Jovana Nikolic

Cast: Bata Korac, Tanja Korac

Programme selection: National Class


A Serbian named Bata works in his father-in-law's company "Drnda Internacional", an undertaker's business. Mr. Drnda started the company when he returned home from working as a laborer in Germany and Austria . It's now an international business with 26 hearses, which brings Serbians back home, or repatriates tourists whose vacations in Serbia ended badly. Bata drives all over Europe transporting various corpses trying hard to look calm and collected. But an ever-gray sky, hits of yesteryear on the radio and heated exchanges with customs officers take their toll on him. After all, undertakers have to blow off some steam, too.

Original language: Serbian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, English, Hungarian
Language of subtitles: English, Serbian
Producer: Jovana Nikolic
Production co: Prababa production

Pogrebnik - Trejler from Dragan Nikolic on Vimeo.